Homemade Baby Food

When I first heard I was pregnant, I was pretty “set in my ways” about a few things, two of them being breastfeeding and making all our own baby food. Well, if you’re a mama, you already know that breastfeeding is NO cakewalk and for this mama who was only producing a 1/2 oz a feeding (typically baby needs at least 15-20 oz in a DAY), it was downright miserable. Switching to formula was such a huge relief for me and a major weight off my shoulders.


Then, at our 4 month appointment, our ped gave us the thumbs up for solids with Addison. I cannot think of another thing I was more excited about than feeding my own child with food I prepared. We started with the standard rice cereal and to say the least, she just was not ready. She was pushing it all out of her mouth and I’m pretty sure she hated the taste. Then to make matters worse, she got super constipated and didn’t poop for about 5 days. So, we switched over to oatmeal. Winner!

We tried solids again at 5 months and YAY! Some success! She didn’t eat super well, by any means, but the sweet potato with a dash of cinnamon was mostly going down the hatch. We tried to feed her solids probably 3x a week, maximum.


Now we’re at 6 1/2 months and I did a marathon pureeing session yesterday and today, utilizing my mom’s amazing Blendtec and now that we have a freezer full of ice tray sized baby portions. We bought from Costco squash, ground turkey (ew, this one was gross!), carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, plums, and strawberries. I actually didn’t puree the strawberries after reading they aren’t so good for babies under 1 years old. Oops, more for us! But after doing all of this, I finally figured out why this matters so much.

This one is completely “in my control.”

I don’t care how many hours I spent steaming veggies or scalding my knuckles with boiling water (holy crap, that hurt) or seeing the disgusting puree of ground turkey. No joke guys, cat vomit. Adam and I both commented on how remarkable it is that a half year into her life we would do just about anything for her, including spending my entire weekend prepping her food and making sure I have total control of everything going into her little body.

Parenting is such a thankless job and it’s the best job I have ever had. That’s the lesson of motherhood – you are doing it all out of love and out of the goodness of your child. It doesn’t matter if it’s stressful, or taxing or even exhausting. It’s worth it because it’s what is best (hellooooo “crying it out” for naps,… you are my nightmare)!


It’s all worth it for that right there.

Happy Sunday all, wishing you a great week! I am so excited for Tuesday, our new treadmill is being delivered!!!


6 Months Old: Addison (aka Punky)

How in the world did my little 7lb 7oz peanut of a newborn turn into this 17lb 12oz chunk of smiles and love so fast? And yes, I call my child “Punky” which is a derivative of Pumpkin, shortened to Punk, which evolved to Punky (sometimes Punky Brewster). Now that you have all that useless information, here’s the little diva herself!

6 monthsAddison really has come into her own the past month. I feel like along with neck control, sitting unassisted just happens overnight. I was reading a few other mom blogs and saw a few pictures on Facebook of my friend’s baby and how well their child was sitting/crawling and I totally fell into the comparison trap. “How come Addison can’t sit yet at 5 months?” I asked myself. So, like any mother who wants her child to be up to par, I thought practice would make perfect! And I would say by the 6 month mark, she can sit unassisted for a good long while! I still have to sit with her or put the Boppy around her, but it’s so fun to watch her explore now.


Our little monster

Not only did I compare with sitting. I started to compare with personalities and that is where I have scolded myself and pulled up quickly. My little girl is uniquely herself, not like any other little baby out there, and even though she may fuss because she has a strong opinion on something or refuses to roll from back to tummy (what gives kiddo?) I am so grateful for her nonstop smiles and her infectious amounts of energy.

So here is what our normal day look like now at 6 months…

  • 7:30 Rise and shine everyone! (sometimes this is 7am), then chat with mom in bed while dad gets ready for work
  • 8am Bottle/Breakfast
  • 9:45am Nap
  • 10:15/10:30am Up and at ’em! The first nap is never all that long.
  • 11am Bottle
  • 12:30pm Nap
  • 1/1:30pm Up again! Naps are not this girls favorite.
  • 1:45pm Bottle/Lunch
  • 2:30pm Nap. This is consistently the long one. Normally 1.5-2 hours.
  • 5pm Bottle/Dinner
  • 7pm Bath, Songs, Book
  • 7:30pm Bottle
  • 7:45pm OUT like a light.

How I found her the morning of Daddy’s half-marathon. Also the first time I’ve woken her in the morning, at 5:45am. Don’t worry, we paid for it.

And repeat. This kiddo is a great night sleeper, so we rarely have to go in there after she is put down to sleep. I would say the rare times when the pacifier falls out we’ll go in there to put it back in (if she cries) but most of the time, she makes it through the 11-12 hour stretch. Yay!

IMG_3417Addison has lots of things she loves to do these days. Her favorite would definitely still include jumping in her jumper. If this little lady is standing or bouncing, she is a happy camper. A close second, is playing with all her toys on the floor while she sits.

She is also teething, BIG TIME. On Monday she was not herself. Just super fussy, not happy with me or with her toys or her jumper. No fun. I went to give her a bath and she screamed when she chewed on the rubber ducky. Definitely got some pain there. Poor thing! She is also SUPER attentive. If we are in a new place, she is all eyes, soaking up every detail. But boy is she quick to flash that grin at anyone that says hello. She still has a bit of stranger anxiety but not nearly as bad.


Standing unassisted. Umm, time? Please slow down.

AND I think we have turned a corner in the spit up department! Adam’s family came to visit over a weekend a couple weeks ago and it was at its worst. Just non-stop. It didn’t help that she was also unbelievably constipated (note to self: don’t switch formulas and add more rice cereal to a baby’s diet on the same day. oops). Thankfully, she has clear pipes now!


This hat kills me and I find any opportunity I have to put it on her.

She also loves going outside with Mommy while I run around the neighborhoods! It’s been tricky navigating the weather but we did invest in a new Bob! We had a used one from Craigslist but it kept freaking out anytime I ran on pavement. Pretty much a deal breaker. We sold it ourselves on Craigslist and lost only $50 and bought new. I love it so much! Thankfully, so does Addison.

IMG_3584Addison also got her first taste of the nursery! I finally bit the bullet and put her in the nursery this past Sunday on her 6 month birthday. It was so freeing and amazing to hear the whole sermon without distraction! I also put her in the nursery during my ladies bible study on Tuesday and that didn’t go so well. It wasn’t bad but when I got down there she was wailing. Definitely overtired. That time of day is so hard but it’s better than having her upstairs with all the women and distracting others.

And in mommy news, I chopped my hair!! It was motivated by quite a few things. 1. I have been meaning to go dark for winter so that was a no brainer. 2. Addison grabbed at my long hair all the time and it seriously hurt. I would find my hair in her hands at bath time at night which meant it was in her death grip all day. 3. I needed a change.


Before. Not the best shot but all my pictures seem to be of Addison 🙂


AFTER! And yes, I looooooove it!

Some other big news,… we are taking our first flight, just AJ and myself, this Sunday. I have been anxiously anticipating this trip because I’m visiting my closest college friend and her family. She had her little girl 3 weeks after Addison was born and has another sweet girl who is just over 2 1/2 years old. It’s going to be so much fun! I am a little nervous about the flight and checking the car seat, etc…but I know most people aren’t jerks and will either be helpful or sympathetic to a mother traveling alone with a baby. 

IMG_3779And last bit of news, our little Addison Jade had her six month appointment this past week (on Halloween, we’re REALLY smart like that). She shot up in the percentiles that is for sure. Back at her 2 month appointment, she was in the 19th percentile for weight, now she is in the 74%!! She’s actually in between 70-75 percentile for weight, height and head circumference. Her weight is a whopping 17lbs 12oz and she is 26.5 inches long. Such a big girl. I love that Buddha belly!

Also, just to brag a bit, they had to give her THREE, yes 1, 2,…3 shots in her legs plus the oral vaccination this time. The past few times she has cried heartily all the way home and I’ve caved and given her a little infant Tylenol in the past. This time, she cried while she got them and snuggled Daddy in silence on the way out. By the time we got in the car and drove home, she was laughing and talking to her little pink bird. So proud!

MommyPunkyHAPPY NOVEMBER! Say a prayer for us this weekend if you think of it 🙂

5 months old!

Holy cow, where does the time go?!

5 monthsI had written this great 4 month update last month and it is apparently gone from the blog. So I’ll do my best to remember what has happened in the past TWO months!

Addison is growing so darn fast. At her 4 month appointment she was 14lbs and change, 23.5 inches long, and her head was in the normal range. He said everything was right down the middle, where it should be and she is a bit on the tall side. Not surprising. This girl fits into 0-3 month onesies, but all her pants are floods!

Park DayI am in serious denial that fall is here. We have loved summer but honestly we are going to soak up fall for all it’s worth, getting outside for walks every single day, going to the park (above), or just putting her jumper in the yard so she can feel the grass in between her toes.

Oh and head control has been conquered! She is so observant. She loves to look at everything but if she gets bored, she will let you know. She loves anything on my iPhone, on the tv, on the iPad, or anything with a screen, it will get her attention pretty darn fast. And she is so awesome at traveling. We rarely have troubles in the car and definitely enjoys swinging through Target with her mama.

She’s also graduated out of the car seat and is now sitting forward in the stroller!

Facing ForwardAddison is a  huge fan of being outside, so if she is overly fussy, I just pop her in the stroller now and she’ll either fall asleep or she’ll watch the scenery as we pass. I typically don’t let her nap in the stroller but it’s a good distraction during the “witching hour” around dinnertime. 🙂

Weird fact: Addison has stopped rolling. I’ll put her on her blankets and she doesn’t roll from belly-to-back or back-to-belly she just plays. And not for long. She is not a huge fan of just playing on her blankets. And she has yet to master the art of sitting all by herself but she definitely is close. She leans her arms on her feet and sits forward a bit and can stay there for a good 10 seconds. I bet in a month or so we’ll have it down though!

itStingShe still is sleeping great through the night, surprising me because we moved up her bedtime a bit. She now typically will take a bath around 7, play for a while in there, get all ready for bed, read a story or two, then have a bottle and be put down around 7:30pm and sleeps uninterrupted until 6:30/7am.

Naps are not so great. She was taking a consistent 4 naps at 3 months and by 4 months I was advised to drop the last nap. Well, it seems to have caught up with us. She regularly sleeps in the morning for at least 30-45 minutes, then the next two naps are either 30 minutes each, or one may be closer to an hour. It’s hard to say. Some days are definitely better than others. Two days ago she took only two naps, 30 minutes each. That is one hour of sleeping for a little baby during the day. NOT enough. She literally fell asleep on her jumper at 6pm.

Sleeping I got a super serious sinus infection about a week and a half ago. First day, sore throat. Days 2-4 sinus pressure so intense I thought my head would explode. Then, the beautiful post nasal drip which made me cough every two seconds. Inevitably, I gave it to Addison. Her first cold 😦

GoofingNeedless to say, she was in good spirits regardless. Her personality has really started to shine through. She is a little girl of SO MANY FACES. No wallflower over here. Sometimes Adam will be holding her and she’ll look over at me and just stare. It’s a little odd at times because I catch myself wondering what is going on in her brain? But then I smile at her and she gives me this big goofy grin that melts my heart.

She is seriously the best.

My girlBut a little “us” time has been needed! We went to Milwaukee for our 5 year anniversary. Our first night away! It was hard the first hour or so, but once we were in each others company, it was amazing spending quality time with my hubby and a little time away from the munchkin. And coming home to that smiling face, is the best!

Then, we had a wedding to attend in Indiana this month and wanted to have another short getaway, and it was even easier than before leaving the peanut.

UsAgain, so great coming home to her but being her mommy 24/7 can definitely be exhausting. It’s so great to get out and have adult conversations and sleep in until 8. You think I’m kidding.

Stink EyeSome other news:

  • We started solids! Cereal was first but she really hated the taste of it. But then I made some sweet potatoes for her. She still is tongue thrusting quite a bit (pushing it all forward) and turning her head side to side. I don’t think she’s ready just yet. We are in no rush.
  • Teething is definitely in action over here. She is putting everything in her mouth! Including her bottom lip, which is her new favorite chew toy!

Bottom Lip


  • Bath time is her favorite. She splashes and coos and would stay in there all day if I let her. It’s sort of my favorite time of the day, too.
  • Blowouts – whoa. This girl can pack a punch!
  • Leg warmers are my favorite on her.



Happy 5 months little nugget! I can’t wait to see what next month has in store. We are going to try another turn with solids, take our first plane ride (eek!) just the two of us, and hopefully start sitting unassisted.

I love you lots, punkie!




3 Months Old (Updates!)

Addison is officially out of our bedroom and sleeping in her crib. AND she has hit the 3 month old mark. Yahoo!


She really surprised us, too. She slept from 9:15pm-5:15am with no interruptions the first night and did about the same last night until 5:45am. We did end up swaddling her (we’ll break her out of that this next week) and she worked both arms up and out of her swaddle by morning. I feel like she is waking up this early because she is hungry but I’m not sure what to do about it. We give her enough during the day according to her weight and feed her a last time around 9pm and she can’t seem to make it a full 9-10 hours like she should at her age. I am looking forward to hitting 4-5 months when we can put a little rice cereal in her bottle to get her nice and full for the night.



In other news, I stopped breast feeding this week. The goal was 3 months and we (basically) made it. She has been taking a bottle from day 3 or 4 since I wasn’t producing enough and we would always nurse then bottle feed to top her off. As many of you know, she didn’t gain very quick the first month so this was extremely stressful while sleep-deprived. I was an emotional wreck. Then, when she got to about 10 weeks (July 4th weekend) she would start to get mad while nursing. I had a feeling she was impatient for my let down and would just want her bottle. I would do bottle first then nurse. In theory, we probably could have done this for a while longer but I started realizing on the way home from the cabin this week she wasn’t really even sucking all that much.


So we’re done. I have been pumping 3-4x a day for a few days now but I’m getting about 5oz maximum in a day which is about 20% of her total ounces. Not enough for babykins! I think I may call it quits on the pumping this week, too. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement during my breast feeding struggles. I have said from the start that while we have had feeding issues from day 1 we’ve also had sleep success from day 2 so where we have challenges in some areas, God really blessed us with a good sleeper. And praises be to formula. We all know breast is best but when breast isn’t possible anymore, we have another option to keep our babies full and thriving and growing like weeds.


We just got home from the cabin this past Wednesday and Addison did so well. Absolutely no meltdowns on the way up (9 hours y’all!) and very minor fussing on the way home (7.5 hours) so praise God. What a huge relief. I think next year might be a different story traveling with a 1 year old but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.






Have a great weekend, we’re off to the fair today!


Addison Jade: 11 & 12 Weeks

Yes, that’s right. My baby girl is already 12 weeks old.


More than anything, I have so much respect for mom’s that go back to work after having a baby within the first 12 weeks of life. I simply cannot imagine having to leave her with a nanny, in daycare, or at all! I feel tremendously blessed that I will be able to stay at home to raise her. That’s right, I left my position at my job to be a mom. Woo!


Again, so much has happened in the last 2 weeks:

  • We are still doing 7 feedings, sometimes 6 depending on what time we wake up. She is starting to ween herself from nursing. I think she’s getting impatient because she knows how quickly a bottle can feed her, she is not getting it fast enough from me. We have tried doing the bottle first, then nursing and shockingly enough, it works! Most websites/experts will tell you to nurse first so she isn’t too tired/full to nurse after a bottle, but she is such a little sucker that it is working (for now, knock on wood). 
  • That being said, we have only one more week before we reach my goal of 3 months of nursing, then we.are.done. I wish I could go longer but between her impatience, my lack of supply, and the amount of time it takes to nurse or pump, I am confident in my decision to stop on July 27th (unless she wants to be done sooner!)4
  • Houston, we have a schedule! I track her napping patterns religiously and the past 4 days she has gone down for all her naps within 15 minutes of each other and has slept the same amount of time for them all. Schedules make me happy!5
  • 45 minute intruder. It is a REAL THING and let me tell you, I hate it. Addison hits 45 minutes on the DOT and her eyes pop open. Not every time, but 3 out of 4 naps during the day, I would say. It can be dead quiet in the house and she will start to stir.
  • What an expressive little lady we have! She is so quick to smile, I love it!
  • We also have quite the kicker. She pumps her legs so hard, it can hurt if you catch a foot in the face. AND she’s rolling from tummy to back. AHHH! 
  • Addison has “a tell” right before she starts to cry. The picture is a bit blurry, my apologies but it’s her way of giving us a split second warning before tears.

    “The Lip”

  • She still occasionally wakes up to grunt at 5am but it’s becoming less.
  • Addison is a great night sleeper. She always falls asleep at 9pm (or thereabouts) and will sleep until 7am no problem and probably later if I didn’t wake her up for a feeding in the morning. I think once we stop nursing, I will see how long she can go :). 

    Giggle freak

  • She is still in her bassinet. I am super nervous for the crib transition which will be happening next week after the cabin. Eek! Say a prayer for us.
  • We are headed up north for our yearly trip to the cabin with Adam’s family. I am so excited to see her in the great outdoors, out on the lake, maybe even in the lake a bit. But I’m also a bit nervous. We’ve worked so hard on the schedule for napping/feeding, I hope the wheels don’t fall off completely! 

    Always cries before she conks out.

  • Dear weather: please stop being so hot because I can’t take my baby on walks. AHH, we’re getting stir crazy around here. 2
  • We had our first (mini) road trip with her to Indiana last weekend to hang with my best friends from childhood. She did so well in the car, it’s giving me hope for our big road trip this weekend (6-7 hours in the car). Unfortunately, because we didn’t stick to a nap schedule, AND she was experiencing a growth spurt all at the same time, she terrorized daddy while mommy was out with her friends. Unfortunate timing!

    Auntie Betsy & Addison playing at the splash pad!


    My ladies. I love them so much!

  • Her neck control is getting to be amazing. I can now carry her around the house without worrying about her head or neck too much. She pretty much holds it upright all the time. She also LOVES doing airplane around the house on her belly while looking at everything we pass. It’s about the only thing that will calm her down in the middle of a meltdown.14
  • Finally, a picture of my other baby. She’s transitioned better than we could have ever imagined. Maybe we won’t have to give her away after all 😉15
  • Happy 12 weeks, little peanut brittle. I am nuts about you and more in love than I could have ever imagined. Every day you grow and learn and it makes my heart swell to see what a curious little girl you are and how much you love to smile and chat. It makes me so excited for our future girl talks and shared laughs!

    My angel

Also – now that we’re out of the newborn 12 week stage, the updates will now be every month. I have full intentions of doing a Friday favorites post every week and maybe one more with life updates, not solely focused on Addison. So see you next week with an update from our family vacation!

Addison Jade: 9 & 10 Weeks

So much happening around here and oodles of pictures coming your way!!

2But right now, let’s recap what has happened in the last 2 weeks:

  • We’re down to 7 feedings (from 8). Our schedule has definitely fallen into place and is loosely based on the Babywise feeding schedule of 6:30, 9:30, 12:30, 3:30, 5:30, 8, 10:30 then bed. So far, pretty good!
  • We have her number, we know the tired cry and it’s pretty much the only time she cries, unless I wake her to feed her, then she is just hungry. Adam and I both feel we are really starting to figure her out.
  • She had her 2 month checkup on Monday. She is gaining weight as she should and is  10lbs 3oz. Praise the Lord we have figured out the feeding debacle. That is actually small for her age but since her last checkup she gained the advised amount. She is actually above average in length at 23 inches.
  • Also on Monday, she had 2 shots in her thighs that made her cry hours later when you brushed her legs.
  • She doesn’t nap a whole lot. When she does, I know I need to take advantage! It may seem like reverse logic but when she naps well during the day, she sleeps hard at night.
  • Smiles. I cannot get enough!21
  • The past 5 or 6 nights she has gone to sleep around 9pm, will rouse lightly for a bottle at 10:30/11 then go back to sleep no problem. But she will wake up around 5 or 5:30 grunting, loud, singular cries but the second you put her pacifier in her mouth she is fine. Again, we have looked to Babywise and they say this is pretty normal. She should outgrow the “talking at 5am” within a few weeks.
  • I am more comfortable than ever going out and about with her. Moving to a 3 hour feeding schedule is LIFE CHANGING. There is something about having 2 hours while you’re out, as opposed to just 1 or 1.5 hours because you can actually enjoy a sit down meal and a walk without having to rush home or you can go to Target AND the grocery store. Praise Jesus.
  • She loves her baths now. Before, Adam would get in the bath with her and hold her while I washed her. Not as easy to do when you’re alone. Now we use her little infant tub put in the sink and she stares at herself in the mirror.
  • Speaking of mirrors, she is becoming so interactive with toys, staring at herself in any reflective surface, batting at her play mat friends, giggling at her little birdie mobile on her swing, and she really loves hearing women talk to her in a sing song voice.
  • She’s fitting into 0-3 month/3 month clothing. I shed a few tears packing away all her newborn outfits. Ugh.

Picture bonanza time!


Napping sans swaddle. WHAT?!


This frequently happens right after breast feeding. Sweetness.


Being a big old goober.


Modeling her outfit.


Busted! Napping with his girl.


Sitting outside on a beautiful day. Gotta protect that lily white skin!


Ugh. 2 month checkup with all the shots. She was a little koala bear on her dad. She knew what was coming, I think.


Overload on the napping pics, I know. I can’t get enough.


Tummy time success, check out that neck control!


Passed out at Oma’s. (yes, I know back is best but she naps well on her belly and can lift her head if she needs to, so there!)


HAHA, she has done this a few times, tugging her headband down.


Happy 4th of July!


Wiggle worm.



Makes me smile, love watching these 2 together.


Our little family. Addison doesn’t look like Adam, does she? 😉


All mouths are open.:)


Big girl growing up so fast.


Happy 10 weeks little one!


Date night (much needed, not long enough).

That’s all today. Have a great weekend!



Addison Jade: 8 Weeks

It’s really hard to believe Addison is already 8 weeks old and will hit the 2 month mark next Thursday. Time really has gone fast and her little world is opening up right in front of her big eyes.


This past week, mostly for my own sanity, I tried to maintain a hard and fast “schedule” that looked a little something like this:

  • 6:30 Wake, feed, burp, play (tummy time, dancing, talking)/nap
  • 8:30/9 Wake, feed, burp, swaddle, nap
  • 11 Wake, feed, burp, walk/nap
  • 1:30 Wake, feed, burp, swaddle, nap
  • 3:30/4 Wake, feed, burp, play (tummy time, reading, cooking)/nap
  • 6 Wake, feed, burp, give her to Daddy 🙂
  • 8:30 Wake, feed, burp, swaddle, bed
  • 11/11:30 Lights off diaper change, bottle feed/pump (dream feed), back to sleep

Rinse and repeat.

Thankfully, she seems to have taken to the schedule pretty well. After the first feed, she is SO HAPPY. We have a morning person on our hands!

4 5



What a ham.

After we have our morning play, she has started to give me a very easy-to-distinguish cry. It’s one of those “I’m bored and so annoyed with you but I’m so tired and don’t want to nap yet” cries and then within seconds of rocking and shh-ing, she passes out. I had been avoiding swaddling during the day because they said it doesn’t promote good “body growth” but it’s the only way she’ll nap, so for her morning and afternoon nap, we bust it out.


Just chilling on Mom’s belly.

I think it was Monday that she just refused to nap. We’re talking maybe an hour total before 8pm. That was rough, it’s impossible to get anything done! But now that I have implemented this schedule, she is pretty consistent. I think our favorite time are our walks together.

I have been scheduling in the walks after her mid-morning nap and feed but now that summer is here and there are days where the temps exceed 80 degrees middle of the day, it’s not so smart to take her out in that heat. On Friday, I took her out after her first feed. This sort of makes me sad because we miss out on the early morning happiness, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


My babies.

When I can, I’ll take Riley. But for those of you who know our dog, she walks well until another human being is on the sidewalk or in our case this week, a biker on the prairie path. She proceeded to jerk into the grass while I was holding onto the stroller, causing Addison to go sideways and right into the path of the biker. Thankfully, they were paying attention and went around but the hazard of taking her with was enough to make me nervous and that was the last long walk with Riley.


Early morning walk before the heat hits!

Addison, on the other hand, shines while we’re on walks. She never cries (knock on wood), loves to watch her friends (those dangling things that jingle whenever they move) and consistently falls asleep exactly at the one mile mark. This is a beautiful thing because a) she falls asleep on her own and b) it makes me walk more than one mile every time (haha!).

She has an uncanny sense of when we get back inside though. She’ll be in the deepest of sleeps and I’ll be super quiet opening the door but the second I put the car seat down, those little peepers pop open and she is wide awake again. Oh well. I’ve said it before, she LOVES the outdoors.


Post-workout stretch and recovery outside.

We’ve also managed to get out and about a few times this week. We met a friend for coffee, ventured downtown to watch the Blackhawks game with about 500+ other Lombardians, took oodles of walks, went to church over Father’s Day weekend, headed to Oma and Papa’s for dinner, and even brought dad his lunch that he left at home.


At the Blackhawks viewing downtown.


All in all, she is a great little baby. During the day, she is pretty predictable (this week, anyway) and while we’re out she behaves well. She is still sleeping pretty well. She will almost always fall asleep around 9pm, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. But she sleeps until I wake her for her first feed at 6:30am (except this morning, but 6 out of 7 days I will take!)

I’ve also started amping up the workouts. I didn’t run this week to avoid some healing pains I’ve been having but I am getting very frustrated with my post-baby body. I know the mantras of “don’t rush it” or “it took 9 months to put on, it won’t fall off overnight” but I’m sick of my yoga pants, I’m tired of the same boring oversized tank tops, and I just want to sweat! I decided to do Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred in combination with walking 2 miles a day, at least. Once I start running, those walks will shorten quite a bit.

That being said, I think I will pick up running again next week. I still wake up at night in some pain (weird that it only happens while I’m sleeping) but at this point, the working out outweighs the overnight annoyance. Plus, just getting up out of bed and walking around makes it go away. Weird, no?


Bath time! Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is traumatizing. Today, it was really good. Thank goodness.


Now that we’ve entered into week 9 and almost the 3rd month of life, we can start looking forward to the following milestones!

  • She loves looking at herself in the mirror and helps with communication.
  • Sleeping through the night! We’re pretty much there, already.
  • Lots more neck control and usage of arms and head to push herself up.
  • Hand-eye-coordination continues to improve, roll a ball around and toward babe to get her to hone this skill. We need this if she’s going to be a pro-athlete someday.

Pretty little lady.


Addison Jade: 7 Weeks

Mom fail. Totally bailed on the 7 weeks post this past Saturday. Adam’s parents were in town and well, I just don’t have a whole lot of time to sit on my computer and blog. How these full-time bloggers do it with babies, I have no idea.

Pretty sure Addison napped for a total of 1 hour today between 6:30am-8:30pm. No joke! But she does sleep uninterrupted at night (except for a dream feed at 11pm) from 9pm-6am. Yes, my 7 week old is sleeping through the night. Go figure. Mama’s genes!

Because I stink and didn’t post at her 7 week mark and I have next to NO TIME right now, here are some pictures and here’s hoping I can do her 8 week post on time.

Until next time!!


Her first smile just for mom.


That hair. Business in the front, party in the back.


Morning stretch session.


More smiles, can’t get enough!


Exhausted from 5 minutes of tummy time.




Sitting outside, loves the outdoors.


7 weeks cheeks.


Father’s Day bonding.


Such a happy girl in the morning!




Addison Jade: 6 Weeks

WE MADE IT!! It’s that week where everyone tells you “just make it to week 6” and I have to admit that it’s true. The first 4 weeks are definitely the most brutal and week 5 seemed to give me a bit of normalcy but I was still a bit tentative about living life with Addison. What I mean is getting out in the world!

I have this perpetual fear that she is going to start sobbing. The full fledged, purple faced, mach 5 meltdown that is almost silent at first and then hits a decibel level so loud you immediately get those achy headaches that start at the base of your skull and just graduate to the front behind your eyes. I have been dreading going out and about with her. But week 6 I believe I not only faced my fear but dominated it!

Guess who is 8lbs and 9oz?


THIS GIRL! Woo! I was so anxious on Monday before her one-month hoping she’d gained some weight. When she weighed in well over what I was expecting, I was overjoyed. Sadly, she also needed a shot and I hate that more than anything. It breaks my heart to see her face scrunch up in pain!


Adam is such a good sport

A good friend of mine recommended baby Tylenol on the days she gets shots because the rest of the day she will fuss. I didn’t think we had any (apparently we do) and I will attest to the fussiness. She just had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Next time, I’m whipping out the pain relief!

So peaceful while she sleeps

So peaceful while she sleeps

Tuesday we drove to my parents, about 20 minutes away, and after feeding Addison, mom and I headed to downtown Geneva to walk around and browse the storefronts. Geneva has an adorable downtown and it was hard to not go crazy! I also experienced my very first “nursing in public” experience and it went well! There was a great spot in the shade where very little people passed through so I could set up on a bench with mom for 45 minutes while I nursed and bottle-fed our girl.

Wednesday was my 6-week post-partum checkup.


Dukes up

Addison was awesome. I was so worried she would freak out being in her car seat while I was being examined but she was a dream. And I have been cleared by the doctor to exercise and all that other fun jazz. Woop woop!

Thursday I headed out to my parents again because my grandparents were in town. We had a super early morning so we left and got there by 7am so we could see my Papa before he got to work on some shelves in their garage. He is 83 years old and still going strong!


With her great-grandfather “Paqui”

We spent the majority of our morning and early afternoon there and had two very successful car trips, NO crying. That is huge! I think the other fear I have other than public meltdown is car meltdown by myself. It’s hard to reign her in when she starts wailing and no one is back there to calm her down. Once I got home I steeled myself up for my VERY FIRST RUN in probably, oh, I would say 10 months? I waited for Adam to get home so my first go at it wasn’t with the jogging stroller.

Thursday 2

I wouldn’t call it a very successful run but I would say I did it and I plan on doing it again! Plus, Adam said that if I run 10 more times in these shoes and they still stink (I have no doubt they will, they are too small), I can get new running shoes! But, needless to say, I am still sore 4 days later and am incapable of running more than 5 minutes straight. Considering we have a half-marathon in October, I’m a wee bit concerned but I will figure it out.

Friday we straight up chilled at home.


These eyes get me every time.

I know parents are bias, but I swear my little girls eyes are the best. I got the bright idea to head to the grocery store for the first time with her and it was another success! I had some difficulties knowing where to go with her car seat but my friend mentioned putting her in the sling and walking around with her. Good thinking! I will definitely do that next time. She was asleep in her seat when we got home so I headed outside for some sun!

Friday 2

We had a friend over Saturday for breakfast and guys, I made the most amazing dish you guys. It’s a Kale and Bacon Quiche with a hash brown crust. I subbed about the gruyere cheese for mozzarella because to be honest, I have no idea what gruyere tastes like and I’m a picky eater. But next time, I might try the fancy cheese. It was delicious!


How tasty does that look?

Then, we all ventured to the French Market until she had to head back downtown Chicago and we went back home to do gloriously nothing.

Saturday 3

Making faces in the car with mama 🙂

BUT I totally surprised Adam and my mom showed up in the afternoon!

I had planned with her last week to come over to watch Addison while we went on our first date! We went to an Italian restaurant and saw Iron Man 3 (soooo good!). And Addison, I love you baby girl, but it was SO NICE to get away for a few hours. Also, she made me into a liar by sleeping the entire time we were gone during her “witching hour.” I had prepared mom for a fussy baby since she normally freaks out from 5pm-8pm but she literally slept 3 out of the 4 hours we were out. What gives!

Today we finally got to church! We had “worship in the park” which our church does once a year at a local park with tons of amazing worship, community, fellowship, baptisms, and lunch in the shade. Not so amazing was having to walk 10 minutes to and from the car to breast feed as everyone was starting to eat lunch after the service. Oh well, mom life, right?


She adores being outside.

SEE! We had a banner week around here. I probably should consider doing a more frequent update as this post is probably a bit too long and wordy (SORRY!) but hey, I don’t have a whole lot of time these days.

This next week should slow up…sort of. 🙂

We will have another trip to my parents, a trip into my work to meet everyone and I might even venture to Indiana to visit a friend. But that is an hour trip there and back (maybe even more) and I’m sort of terrified of doing that alone. AND Adam’s family is visiting again! His brother and his wife swing through Friday night for a short visit and his parents come Saturday and we have a big Father’s Day celebration in store. Can’t wait!

Mommy Update

Something I have been putting off is a post about me!


I had enough of my nasty roots so I colored my hair with a box!

At this point, we all know how Addison is faring at 5 weeks of age but a few of you have asked, “how the heck are you holding up?” Instead of giving you a huge breakdown of weekly struggles like I have for Addison’s update, I’ll break this down by subjects:


I have to be completely honest here and say it could be way worse. The first night = torture. Once we figured out that she was just hungry at night, I started to increase her fluid ounces late at night and fed her every 2-3 hours the first month consistently and started to notice I was waking her. Well, this mama loves her sleep. I found myself hitting the snooze button occasionally at 2am just to see if she would make it to 3am and sure enough, she would.

I can also admit with no regrets that I have slept through a few alarms only to wake up to Adam shaking me asking me when the last feeding was. Oops! Those are when we experienced 5-6 hour stretches. But again, she wasn’t awake so she couldn’t have been that hungry.

Now that she is almost 6 weeks old and is gaining weight (again, PRAISE.THE.LORD) we can let her sleep a bit more at night. Last night we went from her dream feed at 11:30-6am. Wahoo!

Daily Routines

This has been my biggest adjustment. I went straight from high school, to college to graduating early and straight into a full time job for over 5 years. After having Addison, it’s been spending all my days at home with no agenda and just adjusting to our new life. Now that we have a bit more of a predictable schedule, it’s giving me glimpses of what I can actually accomplish in a days time. I gotta be honest, I thought I’d have a lot more time to get things done but when you have an hour here and an hour there (at most), you can’t get a whole lot done which makes me feel pretty worthless.

I set little goals for myself every day. For example, today I will empty the dishwasher, prepare a nice dinner, make the bed, start the laundry, and go for a long walk. If I can get all of that done, hey, that’s a dang good day in my book! Some days it’s simply to survive.

Today I have my 6-week post-partum check up so we’ll see soon if I can start adding in exercise to my routine. I have a feeling this will greatly change my “stir crazy” feelings as well. It always helps to sweat it out! And that leads up to the next thing…


About a week after having AJ, I was down 20lbs (I gained about 45lbs total in my pregnancy). Along came breastfeeding and let me tell you something…you may think you’re hungry when you’re pregnant but breastfeeding puts  hunger on a whole new level. If I don’t eat every few hours, I feel ILL. And keeping healthy options around the house is key because when you are that hungry, you just don’t even care if it’s a bag of chips or apples.

That being said, 6 weeks later I have put back on another 5-8lbs of the weight I had originally lost from childbirth. I originally thought I was a rare bird for putting on weight but have heard from quite a few other moms that say “nope, I gained too!” That breastfeeding hunger must be the culprit. So at this point, I have about 20-25lbs that I need to lose.


5 1/2 weeks postpartum. I’ve got some work to do! 😦

As far as my labor recovery, week one was hell on earth, week two was not awful but not awesome. Then finally, I was pretty much back to “normal” after 3 weeks. I was prepared to need a full 6 weeks for recovery and was very pleasantly surprised to hit 3 weeks feeling healed and ready to go. It felt good to be there quicker than anticipated. But it sure didn’t help with that stir crazy feeling because I just wanted to move and knew I should wait for the doctor’s go-ahead.

My Marriage

After the initial exhaustion started to ebb and feel a bit more like normal, Adam and I started working hard at making this a team effort. If I have an awful day, Adam is amazing at taking Addison for the night so I can have a break and not want to curl into a ball and cry myself to sleep. And vice versa! Sometimes AJ just fusses for no reason around 6pm-9pm and there is not much to ease her cries except feeding, so I’ll take her from Adam to give him a break.

At 6 weeks, we are both pretty desperate for a date night out, just the two of us. I think we can make this happen soon but we need some us time with ZERO baby cries. We NEED this just to have time to get back to us. It’s so easy to get lost in parenthood and put all your focus in the new little baby and neglect one another.

Who wants to babysit??? 🙂


  • I can’t wait to start going to church this Sunday!
  • I am also anxious to start running again. Wait, did I say that already? 🙂
  • Addison and I need to find other moms and babies locally so she can make some friends (and me too!). It will give us something to do and somewhere to go during the week, too!
  • We’ve been “winging it” lately and now that Addison has more of a schedule, I think we need to start implementing a weekly schedule like “Mondays = grocery shopping. Tuesdays = library trip. Wednesdays = Visit Oma, etc…” Seems a bit anal, I know, but it will be good for my mentality to have a plan in place.

That’s all I got, have a great Wednesday!

Happy National Running Day!!