Holy cow, where does the time go?!

5 monthsI had written this great 4 month update last month and it is apparently gone from the blog. So I’ll do my best to remember what has happened in the past TWO months!

Addison is growing so darn fast. At her 4 month appointment she was 14lbs and change, 23.5 inches long, and her head was in the normal range. He said everything was right down the middle, where it should be and she is a bit on the tall side. Not surprising. This girl fits into 0-3 month onesies, but all her pants are floods!

Park DayI am in serious denial that fall is here. We have loved summer but honestly we are going to soak up fall for all it’s worth, getting outside for walks every single day, going to the park (above), or just putting her jumper in the yard so she can feel the grass in between her toes.

Oh and head control has been conquered! She is so observant. She loves to look at everything but if she gets bored, she will let you know. She loves anything on my iPhone, on the tv, on the iPad, or anything with a screen, it will get her attention pretty darn fast. And she is so awesome at traveling. We rarely have troubles in the car and definitely enjoys swinging through Target with her mama.

She’s also graduated out of the car seat and is now sitting forward in the stroller!

Facing ForwardAddison is a  huge fan of being outside, so if she is overly fussy, I just pop her in the stroller now and she’ll either fall asleep or she’ll watch the scenery as we pass. I typically don’t let her nap in the stroller but it’s a good distraction during the “witching hour” around dinnertime. 🙂

Weird fact: Addison has stopped rolling. I’ll put her on her blankets and she doesn’t roll from belly-to-back or back-to-belly she just plays. And not for long. She is not a huge fan of just playing on her blankets. And she has yet to master the art of sitting all by herself but she definitely is close. She leans her arms on her feet and sits forward a bit and can stay there for a good 10 seconds. I bet in a month or so we’ll have it down though!

itStingShe still is sleeping great through the night, surprising me because we moved up her bedtime a bit. She now typically will take a bath around 7, play for a while in there, get all ready for bed, read a story or two, then have a bottle and be put down around 7:30pm and sleeps uninterrupted until 6:30/7am.

Naps are not so great. She was taking a consistent 4 naps at 3 months and by 4 months I was advised to drop the last nap. Well, it seems to have caught up with us. She regularly sleeps in the morning for at least 30-45 minutes, then the next two naps are either 30 minutes each, or one may be closer to an hour. It’s hard to say. Some days are definitely better than others. Two days ago she took only two naps, 30 minutes each. That is one hour of sleeping for a little baby during the day. NOT enough. She literally fell asleep on her jumper at 6pm.

Sleeping I got a super serious sinus infection about a week and a half ago. First day, sore throat. Days 2-4 sinus pressure so intense I thought my head would explode. Then, the beautiful post nasal drip which made me cough every two seconds. Inevitably, I gave it to Addison. Her first cold 😦

GoofingNeedless to say, she was in good spirits regardless. Her personality has really started to shine through. She is a little girl of SO MANY FACES. No wallflower over here. Sometimes Adam will be holding her and she’ll look over at me and just stare. It’s a little odd at times because I catch myself wondering what is going on in her brain? But then I smile at her and she gives me this big goofy grin that melts my heart.

She is seriously the best.

My girlBut a little “us” time has been needed! We went to Milwaukee for our 5 year anniversary. Our first night away! It was hard the first hour or so, but once we were in each others company, it was amazing spending quality time with my hubby and a little time away from the munchkin. And coming home to that smiling face, is the best!

Then, we had a wedding to attend in Indiana this month and wanted to have another short getaway, and it was even easier than before leaving the peanut.

UsAgain, so great coming home to her but being her mommy 24/7 can definitely be exhausting. It’s so great to get out and have adult conversations and sleep in until 8. You think I’m kidding.

Stink EyeSome other news:

  • We started solids! Cereal was first but she really hated the taste of it. But then I made some sweet potatoes for her. She still is tongue thrusting quite a bit (pushing it all forward) and turning her head side to side. I don’t think she’s ready just yet. We are in no rush.
  • Teething is definitely in action over here. She is putting everything in her mouth! Including her bottom lip, which is her new favorite chew toy!

Bottom Lip


  • Bath time is her favorite. She splashes and coos and would stay in there all day if I let her. It’s sort of my favorite time of the day, too.
  • Blowouts – whoa. This girl can pack a punch!
  • Leg warmers are my favorite on her.



Happy 5 months little nugget! I can’t wait to see what next month has in store. We are going to try another turn with solids, take our first plane ride (eek!) just the two of us, and hopefully start sitting unassisted.

I love you lots, punkie!