When I first heard I was pregnant, I was pretty “set in my ways” about a few things, two of them being breastfeeding and making all our own baby food. Well, if you’re a mama, you already know that breastfeeding is NO cakewalk and for this mama who was only producing a 1/2 oz a feeding (typically baby needs at least 15-20 oz in a DAY), it was downright miserable. Switching to formula was such a huge relief for me and a major weight off my shoulders.


Then, at our 4 month appointment, our ped gave us the thumbs up for solids with Addison. I cannot think of another thing I was more excited about than feeding my own child with food I prepared. We started with the standard rice cereal and to say the least, she just was not ready. She was pushing it all out of her mouth and I’m pretty sure she hated the taste. Then to make matters worse, she got super constipated and didn’t poop for about 5 days. So, we switched over to oatmeal. Winner!

We tried solids again at 5 months and YAY! Some success! She didn’t eat super well, by any means, but the sweet potato with a dash of cinnamon was mostly going down the hatch. We tried to feed her solids probably 3x a week, maximum.


Now we’re at 6 1/2 months and I did a marathon pureeing session yesterday and today, utilizing my mom’s amazing Blendtec and now that we have a freezer full of ice tray sized baby portions. We bought from Costco squash, ground turkey (ew, this one was gross!), carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, plums, and strawberries. I actually didn’t puree the strawberries after reading they aren’t so good for babies under 1 years old. Oops, more for us! But after doing all of this, I finally figured out why this matters so much.

This one is completely “in my control.”

I don’t care how many hours I spent steaming veggies or scalding my knuckles with boiling water (holy crap, that hurt) or seeing the disgusting puree of ground turkey. No joke guys, cat vomit. Adam and I both commented on how remarkable it is that a half year into her life we would do just about anything for her, including spending my entire weekend prepping her food and making sure I have total control of everything going into her little body.

Parenting is such a thankless job and it’s the best job I have ever had. That’s the lesson of motherhood – you are doing it all out of love and out of the goodness of your child. It doesn’t matter if it’s stressful, or taxing or even exhausting. It’s worth it because it’s what is best (hellooooo “crying it out” for naps,… you are my nightmare)!


It’s all worth it for that right there.

Happy Sunday all, wishing you a great week! I am so excited for Tuesday, our new treadmill is being delivered!!!