So much happening around here and oodles of pictures coming your way!!

2But right now, let’s recap what has happened in the last 2 weeks:

  • We’re down to 7 feedings (from 8). Our schedule has definitely fallen into place and is loosely based on the Babywise feeding schedule of 6:30, 9:30, 12:30, 3:30, 5:30, 8, 10:30 then bed. So far, pretty good!
  • We have her number, we know the tired cry and it’s pretty much the only time she cries, unless I wake her to feed her, then she is just hungry. Adam and I both feel we are really starting to figure her out.
  • She had her 2 month checkup on Monday. She is gaining weight as she should and is  10lbs 3oz. Praise the Lord we have figured out the feeding debacle. That is actually small for her age but since her last checkup she gained the advised amount. She is actually above average in length at 23 inches.
  • Also on Monday, she had 2 shots in her thighs that made her cry hours later when you brushed her legs.
  • She doesn’t nap a whole lot. When she does, I know I need to take advantage! It may seem like reverse logic but when she naps well during the day, she sleeps hard at night.
  • Smiles. I cannot get enough!21
  • The past 5 or 6 nights she has gone to sleep around 9pm, will rouse lightly for a bottle at 10:30/11 then go back to sleep no problem. But she will wake up around 5 or 5:30 grunting, loud, singular cries but the second you put her pacifier in her mouth she is fine. Again, we have looked to Babywise and they say this is pretty normal. She should outgrow the “talking at 5am” within a few weeks.
  • I am more comfortable than ever going out and about with her. Moving to a 3 hour feeding schedule is LIFE CHANGING. There is something about having 2 hours while you’re out, as opposed to just 1 or 1.5 hours because you can actually enjoy a sit down meal and a walk without having to rush home or you can go to Target AND the grocery store. Praise Jesus.
  • She loves her baths now. Before, Adam would get in the bath with her and hold her while I washed her. Not as easy to do when you’re alone. Now we use her little infant tub put in the sink and she stares at herself in the mirror.
  • Speaking of mirrors, she is becoming so interactive with toys, staring at herself in any reflective surface, batting at her play mat friends, giggling at her little birdie mobile on her swing, and she really loves hearing women talk to her in a sing song voice.
  • She’s fitting into 0-3 month/3 month clothing. I shed a few tears packing away all her newborn outfits. Ugh.

Picture bonanza time!


Napping sans swaddle. WHAT?!


This frequently happens right after breast feeding. Sweetness.


Being a big old goober.


Modeling her outfit.


Busted! Napping with his girl.


Sitting outside on a beautiful day. Gotta protect that lily white skin!


Ugh. 2 month checkup with all the shots. She was a little koala bear on her dad. She knew what was coming, I think.


Overload on the napping pics, I know. I can’t get enough.


Tummy time success, check out that neck control!


Passed out at Oma’s. (yes, I know back is best but she naps well on her belly and can lift her head if she needs to, so there!)


HAHA, she has done this a few times, tugging her headband down.


Happy 4th of July!


Wiggle worm.



Makes me smile, love watching these 2 together.


Our little family. Addison doesn’t look like Adam, does she? 😉


All mouths are open.:)


Big girl growing up so fast.


Happy 10 weeks little one!


Date night (much needed, not long enough).

That’s all today. Have a great weekend!