Yes, that’s right. My baby girl is already 12 weeks old.


More than anything, I have so much respect for mom’s that go back to work after having a baby within the first 12 weeks of life. I simply cannot imagine having to leave her with a nanny, in daycare, or at all! I feel tremendously blessed that I will be able to stay at home to raise her. That’s right, I left my position at my job to be a mom. Woo!


Again, so much has happened in the last 2 weeks:

  • We are still doing 7 feedings, sometimes 6 depending on what time we wake up. She is starting to ween herself from nursing. I think she’s getting impatient because she knows how quickly a bottle can feed her, she is not getting it fast enough from me. We have tried doing the bottle first, then nursing and shockingly enough, it works! Most websites/experts will tell you to nurse first so she isn’t too tired/full to nurse after a bottle, but she is such a little sucker that it is working (for now, knock on wood). 
  • That being said, we have only one more week before we reach my goal of 3 months of nursing, then we.are.done. I wish I could go longer but between her impatience, my lack of supply, and the amount of time it takes to nurse or pump, I am confident in my decision to stop on July 27th (unless she wants to be done sooner!)4
  • Houston, we have a schedule! I track her napping patterns religiously and the past 4 days she has gone down for all her naps within 15 minutes of each other and has slept the same amount of time for them all. Schedules make me happy!5
  • 45 minute intruder. It is a REAL THING and let me tell you, I hate it. Addison hits 45 minutes on the DOT and her eyes pop open. Not every time, but 3 out of 4 naps during the day, I would say. It can be dead quiet in the house and she will start to stir.
  • What an expressive little lady we have! She is so quick to smile, I love it!
  • We also have quite the kicker. She pumps her legs so hard, it can hurt if you catch a foot in the face. AND she’s rolling from tummy to back. AHHH! 
  • Addison has “a tell” right before she starts to cry. The picture is a bit blurry, my apologies but it’s her way of giving us a split second warning before tears.

    “The Lip”

  • She still occasionally wakes up to grunt at 5am but it’s becoming less.
  • Addison is a great night sleeper. She always falls asleep at 9pm (or thereabouts) and will sleep until 7am no problem and probably later if I didn’t wake her up for a feeding in the morning. I think once we stop nursing, I will see how long she can go :). 

    Giggle freak

  • She is still in her bassinet. I am super nervous for the crib transition which will be happening next week after the cabin. Eek! Say a prayer for us.
  • We are headed up north for our yearly trip to the cabin with Adam’s family. I am so excited to see her in the great outdoors, out on the lake, maybe even in the lake a bit. But I’m also a bit nervous. We’ve worked so hard on the schedule for napping/feeding, I hope the wheels don’t fall off completely! 

    Always cries before she conks out.

  • Dear weather: please stop being so hot because I can’t take my baby on walks. AHH, we’re getting stir crazy around here. 2
  • We had our first (mini) road trip with her to Indiana last weekend to hang with my best friends from childhood. She did so well in the car, it’s giving me hope for our big road trip this weekend (6-7 hours in the car). Unfortunately, because we didn’t stick to a nap schedule, AND she was experiencing a growth spurt all at the same time, she terrorized daddy while mommy was out with her friends. Unfortunate timing!

    Auntie Betsy & Addison playing at the splash pad!


    My ladies. I love them so much!

  • Her neck control is getting to be amazing. I can now carry her around the house without worrying about her head or neck too much. She pretty much holds it upright all the time. She also LOVES doing airplane around the house on her belly while looking at everything we pass. It’s about the only thing that will calm her down in the middle of a meltdown.14
  • Finally, a picture of my other baby. She’s transitioned better than we could have ever imagined. Maybe we won’t have to give her away after all 😉15
  • Happy 12 weeks, little peanut brittle. I am nuts about you and more in love than I could have ever imagined. Every day you grow and learn and it makes my heart swell to see what a curious little girl you are and how much you love to smile and chat. It makes me so excited for our future girl talks and shared laughs!

    My angel

Also – now that we’re out of the newborn 12 week stage, the updates will now be every month. I have full intentions of doing a Friday favorites post every week and maybe one more with life updates, not solely focused on Addison. So see you next week with an update from our family vacation!