Addison is officially out of our bedroom and sleeping in her crib. AND she has hit the 3 month old mark. Yahoo!


She really surprised us, too. She slept from 9:15pm-5:15am with no interruptions the first night and did about the same last night until 5:45am. We did end up swaddling her (we’ll break her out of that this next week) and she worked both arms up and out of her swaddle by morning. I feel like she is waking up this early because she is hungry but I’m not sure what to do about it. We give her enough during the day according to her weight and feed her a last time around 9pm and she can’t seem to make it a full 9-10 hours like she should at her age. I am looking forward to hitting 4-5 months when we can put a little rice cereal in her bottle to get her nice and full for the night.



In other news, I stopped breast feeding this week. The goal was 3 months and we (basically) made it. She has been taking a bottle from day 3 or 4 since I wasn’t producing enough and we would always nurse then bottle feed to top her off. As many of you know, she didn’t gain very quick the first month so this was extremely stressful while sleep-deprived. I was an emotional wreck. Then, when she got to about 10 weeks (July 4th weekend) she would start to get mad while nursing. I had a feeling she was impatient for my let down and would just want her bottle. I would do bottle first then nurse. In theory, we probably could have done this for a while longer but I started realizing on the way home from the cabin this week she wasn’t really even sucking all that much.


So we’re done. I have been pumping 3-4x a day for a few days now but I’m getting about 5oz maximum in a day which is about 20% of her total ounces. Not enough for babykins! I think I may call it quits on the pumping this week, too. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement during my breast feeding struggles. I have said from the start that while we have had feeding issues from day 1 we’ve also had sleep success from day 2 so where we have challenges in some areas, God really blessed us with a good sleeper. And praises be to formula. We all know breast is best but when breast isn’t possible anymore, we have another option to keep our babies full and thriving and growing like weeds.


We just got home from the cabin this past Wednesday and Addison did so well. Absolutely no meltdowns on the way up (9 hours y’all!) and very minor fussing on the way home (7.5 hours) so praise God. What a huge relief. I think next year might be a different story traveling with a 1 year old but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.






Have a great weekend, we’re off to the fair today!