WE MADE IT!! It’s that week where everyone tells you “just make it to week 6” and I have to admit that it’s true. The first 4 weeks are definitely the most brutal and week 5 seemed to give me a bit of normalcy but I was still a bit tentative about living life with Addison. What I mean is getting out in the world!

I have this perpetual fear that she is going to start sobbing. The full fledged, purple faced, mach 5 meltdown that is almost silent at first and then hits a decibel level so loud you immediately get those achy headaches that start at the base of your skull and just graduate to the front behind your eyes. I have been dreading going out and about with her. But week 6 I believe I not only faced my fear but dominated it!

Guess who is 8lbs and 9oz?


THIS GIRL! Woo! I was so anxious on Monday before her one-month hoping she’d gained some weight. When she weighed in well over what I was expecting, I was overjoyed. Sadly, she also needed a shot and I hate that more than anything. It breaks my heart to see her face scrunch up in pain!


Adam is such a good sport

A good friend of mine recommended baby Tylenol on the days she gets shots because the rest of the day she will fuss. I didn’t think we had any (apparently we do) and I will attest to the fussiness. She just had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Next time, I’m whipping out the pain relief!

So peaceful while she sleeps

So peaceful while she sleeps

Tuesday we drove to my parents, about 20 minutes away, and after feeding Addison, mom and I headed to downtown Geneva to walk around and browse the storefronts. Geneva has an adorable downtown and it was hard to not go crazy! I also experienced my very first “nursing in public” experience and it went well! There was a great spot in the shade where very little people passed through so I could set up on a bench with mom for 45 minutes while I nursed and bottle-fed our girl.

Wednesday was my 6-week post-partum checkup.


Dukes up

Addison was awesome. I was so worried she would freak out being in her car seat while I was being examined but she was a dream. And I have been cleared by the doctor to exercise and all that other fun jazz. Woop woop!

Thursday I headed out to my parents again because my grandparents were in town. We had a super early morning so we left and got there by 7am so we could see my Papa before he got to work on some shelves in their garage. He is 83 years old and still going strong!


With her great-grandfather “Paqui”

We spent the majority of our morning and early afternoon there and had two very successful car trips, NO crying. That is huge! I think the other fear I have other than public meltdown is car meltdown by myself. It’s hard to reign her in when she starts wailing and no one is back there to calm her down. Once I got home I steeled myself up for my VERY FIRST RUN in probably, oh, I would say 10 months? I waited for Adam to get home so my first go at it wasn’t with the jogging stroller.

Thursday 2

I wouldn’t call it a very successful run but I would say I did it and I plan on doing it again! Plus, Adam said that if I run 10 more times in these shoes and they still stink (I have no doubt they will, they are too small), I can get new running shoes! But, needless to say, I am still sore 4 days later and am incapable of running more than 5 minutes straight. Considering we have a half-marathon in October, I’m a wee bit concerned but I will figure it out.

Friday we straight up chilled at home.


These eyes get me every time.

I know parents are bias, but I swear my little girls eyes are the best. I got the bright idea to head to the grocery store for the first time with her and it was another success! I had some difficulties knowing where to go with her car seat but my friend mentioned putting her in the sling and walking around with her. Good thinking! I will definitely do that next time. She was asleep in her seat when we got home so I headed outside for some sun!

Friday 2

We had a friend over Saturday for breakfast and guys, I made the most amazing dish you guys. It’s a Kale and Bacon Quiche with a hash brown crust. I subbed about the gruyere cheese for mozzarella because to be honest, I have no idea what gruyere tastes like and I’m a picky eater. But next time, I might try the fancy cheese. It was delicious!


How tasty does that look?

Then, we all ventured to the French Market until she had to head back downtown Chicago and we went back home to do gloriously nothing.

Saturday 3

Making faces in the car with mama 🙂

BUT I totally surprised Adam and my mom showed up in the afternoon!

I had planned with her last week to come over to watch Addison while we went on our first date! We went to an Italian restaurant and saw Iron Man 3 (soooo good!). And Addison, I love you baby girl, but it was SO NICE to get away for a few hours. Also, she made me into a liar by sleeping the entire time we were gone during her “witching hour.” I had prepared mom for a fussy baby since she normally freaks out from 5pm-8pm but she literally slept 3 out of the 4 hours we were out. What gives!

Today we finally got to church! We had “worship in the park” which our church does once a year at a local park with tons of amazing worship, community, fellowship, baptisms, and lunch in the shade. Not so amazing was having to walk 10 minutes to and from the car to breast feed as everyone was starting to eat lunch after the service. Oh well, mom life, right?


She adores being outside.

SEE! We had a banner week around here. I probably should consider doing a more frequent update as this post is probably a bit too long and wordy (SORRY!) but hey, I don’t have a whole lot of time these days.

This next week should slow up…sort of. 🙂

We will have another trip to my parents, a trip into my work to meet everyone and I might even venture to Indiana to visit a friend. But that is an hour trip there and back (maybe even more) and I’m sort of terrified of doing that alone. AND Adam’s family is visiting again! His brother and his wife swing through Friday night for a short visit and his parents come Saturday and we have a big Father’s Day celebration in store. Can’t wait!