How in the world did my little 7lb 7oz peanut of a newborn turn into this 17lb 12oz chunk of smiles and love so fast? And yes, I call my child “Punky” which is a derivative of Pumpkin, shortened to Punk, which evolved to Punky (sometimes Punky Brewster). Now that you have all that useless information, here’s the little diva herself!

6 monthsAddison really has come into her own the past month. I feel like along with neck control, sitting unassisted just happens overnight. I was reading a few other mom blogs and saw a few pictures on Facebook of my friend’s baby and how well their child was sitting/crawling and I totally fell into the comparison trap. “How come Addison can’t sit yet at 5 months?” I asked myself. So, like any mother who wants her child to be up to par, I thought practice would make perfect! And I would say by the 6 month mark, she can sit unassisted for a good long while! I still have to sit with her or put the Boppy around her, but it’s so fun to watch her explore now.


Our little monster

Not only did I compare with sitting. I started to compare with personalities and that is where I have scolded myself and pulled up quickly. My little girl is uniquely herself, not like any other little baby out there, and even though she may fuss because she has a strong opinion on something or refuses to roll from back to tummy (what gives kiddo?) I am so grateful for her nonstop smiles and her infectious amounts of energy.

So here is what our normal day look like now at 6 months…

  • 7:30 Rise and shine everyone! (sometimes this is 7am), then chat with mom in bed while dad gets ready for work
  • 8am Bottle/Breakfast
  • 9:45am Nap
  • 10:15/10:30am Up and at ’em! The first nap is never all that long.
  • 11am Bottle
  • 12:30pm Nap
  • 1/1:30pm Up again! Naps are not this girls favorite.
  • 1:45pm Bottle/Lunch
  • 2:30pm Nap. This is consistently the long one. Normally 1.5-2 hours.
  • 5pm Bottle/Dinner
  • 7pm Bath, Songs, Book
  • 7:30pm Bottle
  • 7:45pm OUT like a light.

How I found her the morning of Daddy’s half-marathon. Also the first time I’ve woken her in the morning, at 5:45am. Don’t worry, we paid for it.

And repeat. This kiddo is a great night sleeper, so we rarely have to go in there after she is put down to sleep. I would say the rare times when the pacifier falls out we’ll go in there to put it back in (if she cries) but most of the time, she makes it through the 11-12 hour stretch. Yay!

IMG_3417Addison has lots of things she loves to do these days. Her favorite would definitely still include jumping in her jumper. If this little lady is standing or bouncing, she is a happy camper. A close second, is playing with all her toys on the floor while she sits.

She is also teething, BIG TIME. On Monday she was not herself. Just super fussy, not happy with me or with her toys or her jumper. No fun. I went to give her a bath and she screamed when she chewed on the rubber ducky. Definitely got some pain there. Poor thing! She is also SUPER attentive. If we are in a new place, she is all eyes, soaking up every detail. But boy is she quick to flash that grin at anyone that says hello. She still has a bit of stranger anxiety but not nearly as bad.


Standing unassisted. Umm, time? Please slow down.

AND I think we have turned a corner in the spit up department! Adam’s family came to visit over a weekend a couple weeks ago and it was at its worst. Just non-stop. It didn’t help that she was also unbelievably constipated (note to self: don’t switch formulas and add more rice cereal to a baby’s diet on the same day. oops). Thankfully, she has clear pipes now!


This hat kills me and I find any opportunity I have to put it on her.

She also loves going outside with Mommy while I run around the neighborhoods! It’s been tricky navigating the weather but we did invest in a new Bob! We had a used one from Craigslist but it kept freaking out anytime I ran on pavement. Pretty much a deal breaker. We sold it ourselves on Craigslist and lost only $50 and bought new. I love it so much! Thankfully, so does Addison.

IMG_3584Addison also got her first taste of the nursery! I finally bit the bullet and put her in the nursery this past Sunday on her 6 month birthday. It was so freeing and amazing to hear the whole sermon without distraction! I also put her in the nursery during my ladies bible study on Tuesday and that didn’t go so well. It wasn’t bad but when I got down there she was wailing. Definitely overtired. That time of day is so hard but it’s better than having her upstairs with all the women and distracting others.

And in mommy news, I chopped my hair!! It was motivated by quite a few things. 1. I have been meaning to go dark for winter so that was a no brainer. 2. Addison grabbed at my long hair all the time and it seriously hurt. I would find my hair in her hands at bath time at night which meant it was in her death grip all day. 3. I needed a change.


Before. Not the best shot but all my pictures seem to be of Addison 🙂


AFTER! And yes, I looooooove it!

Some other big news,… we are taking our first flight, just AJ and myself, this Sunday. I have been anxiously anticipating this trip because I’m visiting my closest college friend and her family. She had her little girl 3 weeks after Addison was born and has another sweet girl who is just over 2 1/2 years old. It’s going to be so much fun! I am a little nervous about the flight and checking the car seat, etc…but I know most people aren’t jerks and will either be helpful or sympathetic to a mother traveling alone with a baby. 

IMG_3779And last bit of news, our little Addison Jade had her six month appointment this past week (on Halloween, we’re REALLY smart like that). She shot up in the percentiles that is for sure. Back at her 2 month appointment, she was in the 19th percentile for weight, now she is in the 74%!! She’s actually in between 70-75 percentile for weight, height and head circumference. Her weight is a whopping 17lbs 12oz and she is 26.5 inches long. Such a big girl. I love that Buddha belly!

Also, just to brag a bit, they had to give her THREE, yes 1, 2,…3 shots in her legs plus the oral vaccination this time. The past few times she has cried heartily all the way home and I’ve caved and given her a little infant Tylenol in the past. This time, she cried while she got them and snuggled Daddy in silence on the way out. By the time we got in the car and drove home, she was laughing and talking to her little pink bird. So proud!

MommyPunkyHAPPY NOVEMBER! Say a prayer for us this weekend if you think of it 🙂