Gotta make this quick because girlfriend is waking up!


We’ve hit a few milestones this week! I think we’ve hit our stride with nighttime sleeping. Not like she struggled with her nights and days AT ALL but she is going 4-5 hours at a time and I have to wake her every time for her to nurse. I am excited for a few weeks from now when she is big enough where I can let her sleep for 7-8 hour stretches without having to wake her.


Though a bit controversial, Adam and I really soaked up the book Babywise and felt that it really applied to our style of desired parenting. I really enjoy keeping things on a schedule and Adam likes rational ways of doing things and for us, this just makes sense.

Addison will have her “sleep time” (we’ll officially implement this closer to 6-8 weeks) from 8pm-8am with a dream feed around 10pm. Dream feeding is new to me and I just started it this week. Basically, she will nurse before bedtime, go to bed at 8pm and I will very carefully feed her in a dark room, won’t change her diaper, won’t rouse her, around 10pm. This is more for me because it tops her off before I go to sleep.


I did a few “dream feeds” this week and to be honest, Addison is just such a great sleeper I don’t think we really need to do it but it makes me feel better knowing she is full.

Back to the schedule…she’ll sleep from 8pm-8am, then have her eat, wake, sleep cycle. She’ll eat for 30 minutes, play/wake time for 30 minutes, sleep for another hour, hour and half. I know this all sounds very technical and yes, it is definitely more flexible in real life. She isn’t going to hit that 30 minute wake time and conveniently pass out. In fact, she really don’t sleep much during the daytime hours. But this is a loose schedule of how we will live life over the next few weeks and those sleep/wake times will either shorten or lengthen depending on her age.


This week Addison really hit her stride during the day, too. We’ve started doing some tummy time to strengthen her neck and even have started reading some pretty interactive books.


I have been supplementing with formula after every nursing session and trying to keep it around 1-2 ounces at most. I am religiously downing blessed thistle and fenugreek pills, both supposed to help with milk production. Regardless, the breast feeding is starting to lose its appeal.

I have chatted with Adam and I think once I hit 2 months of breast feeding we will go to exclusively formula. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to 2 months and say “you know, I can make it to 3 months” but I am so sick and tired of not knowing how much she is getting from me. I pump occasionally and never really get a whole lot so I don’t think she is getting much, but at this point, something is better than nothing.


She is taking regular naps, whether those be an hour or 10 minutes in between feedings. I am convinced when I really need her to nap, she chooses to wait about 10 minutes before her next feeding to finally dose. She is such a rebellious soul already.

She LOVES walks!



You can see she has her eyes open here, but about a mile into a walk, she finally will close her eyes. She likes the outdoors, praise the Lord!

Leave it to me to be the only woman breastfeeding to GAIN weight. I think that has been my struggle this week. I’m sick of yoga pants and not fitting into my old clothes but also not having the official green light from my doctor to start working out again. I go on Wednesday for my 6 week check-up, so Lord willing, she will give me the go-ahead. Adam thinks I will regret wanting to run but honestly, I am sick of feeling “soft.” I know you other mamas out there know EXACTLY what I am talking about. It doesn’t help when you breastfeed, you are ravenous, so I am eating constantly. Time to shed the lbs!


It’s a big week coming up for our little AJ. She has her one-month check-up tomorrow with her pediatrician. Pray for weight gain! I would love to see 8lbs and change. Please Lord. The , Wednesday is my check-up, woo! We’re heading to Oma’s house for a girls outing sometime this week and hopefully, we will get some visitors, too (my co-worker and her girls) 🙂

Then Sunday, we’re finally venturing off to church! We’ve been waiting for her to hit 6 weeks to avoid overstimulation. I know that sounds so lame but truly, that first 2 weeks when we had all our visitors, I noticed her getting overwhelmed and she wouldn’t sleep. It was just too much for her little body and brain. The “experts” advise waiting until 6 weeks to hit up big crowds of people and also for her immune system to mature, so we’ll finally get to church. Yay!

Loving every single moment of motherhood! I am noticing that I get stir crazy sitting inside with her every day, so I have a goal of getting a walk in (soon it’ll be getting a run in!) and tackling at least one chore around the house, whether that be emptying the dishwasher, doing laundry, etc… I try not to put too much on my plate but it helps to have daily goals.

I leave you with this cutie pie.