Addison is 4 weeks old and officially ONE MONTH on Monday, I can’t believe it!


Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we? I had mentioned that Addison was not gaining weight solely from breastfeeding and we were forced into giving her a smidgen of formula after every nursing session. Well, I’m happy to report after 2.5 days, she had gained 7 ounces and was back to birth weight as of May 16! Praise Jesus!

So, my guidelines (last week) moving forward were:

  • Feed every 2.5 hours during the day (up from 2 hours)
  • Feed every 3 hours during the middle of the night
  • Supplement when I think necessary, not necessarily every time
  • Track diaper activity to ensure all systems go

We had Adam’s siblings and their spouses visiting over the weekend and I noticed Addison was particularly fussy and let me tell you, there is nothing worse than a fussy baby. She would sleep occasionally but my content lady from earlier in the week was no where to be found. We suspected a growth spurt, but how can you know these things for sure?


(BIG stretch 🙂 )

By Monday midday, Addison and I both had complete and total meltdowns. She had just been fed, changed, and cuddled and was bawling for no good reason. I was rocking her in the glider, dealing with a mind-numbing, jaw-aching toothache, running at 3 hours of start and stop sleep and I was bawling, too. Not our finest moment. I even let out a guttural scream and begged God to show me what this kiddo needed from me. Apparently, I just needed to hit rock bottom…


(Loves to be swaddled)

I decided in that moment, the spaced out feedings every 2.5 hours AND cutting back formula, all at the same time, were setting us back. She was still hungry. So, back to feeding her formula after every feeding session and TAH-DAH, happy baby was back. Shocking, right?


(My most favorite picture ever)

Can I also add something that is actually been the biggest blessing through this all? In lieu of all the feeding issues, the self-doubt of parenthood, the anxiety brought on by a crying child who’s needs are unknown (and that anxiety gets old FAST), Addison has been from the very beginning, the most amazing sleeper at night. Every book or blog you read will tell you to not sleep train your newborn until 4 weeks old because they are still getting used to life out of the womb and you are getting used to your new baby. I think she had her days and nights figured out within that first week, dare I say, within the first 3-4 days of life.

That first night home was rough, yes, but baby girl was hungry. I’d be ticked off, too. After about 3 nights of figuring out a feeding schedule, she started sleeping hard at night. I think for the past 3 weeks, I have had to wake her up for every single feeding.


(Making faces at one another)

And that’s the kicker.

You can’t let a sleeping baby lie this early on (I did NOT know this before having her). You have to wake them up to eat until about 6-8 weeks old. Ugh! The other night I was messing with my new iPhone, trying to figure out the alarm app and making sure I had the alarms all set up for her feedings. I accidentally set the first one for 1PM not 1AM and slept through one it! She had eaten at 10:30pm, went to sleep around 11:30pm and I didn’t wake her until 4am. Oops but PRAISE THE LORD.


(Meeting her Auntie Kari for the first time!)

Addison and I went in to the doctor’s on Thursday and she was up another 4 ounces!!

Things are looking up and starting to balance out. Now that we are steadily seeing weight go on, I feel like I can breath a bit easier now. She is generally a pretty easy going girl so when she fusses, I know there is a reason. She may look like her father but her hunger rage is all from her mama. When she is hungry, get that girl some food or clear the room (same goes for Addison) 😉

All About Addison – 4 Weeks 

  • Sleeping 4-5 hours at night (if mom let’s her)
  • Loves cuddling/sleeping tummy down on your chest
  • Starting to “coo” and “ahh”
  • Follows mom and her voice around the house
  • Gets the hiccups almost daily (she did this in utero, too!)
  • If all else fails, putting her in the sling calms her and puts her to sleep
  • Hates baths and diaper changes
  • Loves the outdoors and going for walks
  • Had her first laugh on May 21 with her Oma
  • Insanely strong neck, it’s scary, please don’t break yo’self child!
  • Loves watching your silly faces and making them right back
  • Rooting fool (see below)


(The only way I could eat this day was with her as my bib)

Next week we will start reading time, tummy time, and apparently, her taste in music at this age is formed so we’ll see if she prefers Vivaldi or Metallica 😉 Though the first few weeks were rocky, I think we’re entering a phase that Adam and I both can really start to enjoy the time with our kid. We are falling more and more in love with her every day, that is for sure.


(My little stinker)

Oh and this “sucks everything” is a total paradox to me. My sister informed me that I was pretty darn lucky she was taking bottles, pacifiers and feeding with no problems. I had no idea that baby’s can struggle with taking pacifiers, or won’t drink formula from a bottle if they breastfeed, or won’t breastfeed after they’ve had formula, etc… Addison has a strong rooting reflex and we’ve had no issues! Bottles, pacifiers, she feeds well…another huge blessing, I think!