How far along? 41 weeks tomorrow!

41 Weeks

Baby’s size? She’s the size of a jackfruit (still don’t know what that is!)

  • Because of your baby’s extra time in the womb, she’ll likely be heavier and more alert at birth than a baby born earlier. Let’s just hope “heavy” means a healthy amount and not a 10lber!

Stretch marks? No, she has shifted down into my pelvis this past week, so a lot of pressure has gone off my belly button area and now is down into my low abdominals. Still lotioning up my belly like it’s my job.

Sleep: It hasn’t been awful. Tuesday night I thought I was going into labor (unfortunately it was false) and I had a hard time falling asleep and once I was asleep I kept waking up to see if I was still contracting. But most nights I just wake up 4-5x to shift off my hips which are numb or to use the bathroom.

Best moment this week: Well, I suppose it will be TONIGHT when induction starts. I’ve also really enjoyed some extra time to hang out with my mom (breakfasts, walks, shopping) and some quality time with my husband before she comes.

Nursery Flowers

New nursery addition this week to hide the Roku.

Miss Anything? Other than our due date? Nope haha!

Movement: Very very little. Like most babies before labor, she really has toned down the movements, but when she does move it is not so pleasant anymore, it hurts quite a bit now that her head is right in my pelvis. Ouch!

Food cravings: Nothing, appetite is now non-existent most of the time.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, not this week.

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: I actually had labor signs this week! I was pretty desperate on Tuesday and decided to take some castor oil. If you don’t know much about this stuff, it isn’t pretty. It basically puts your bowels through the ringer which is supposed to spur on labor. That being said, by 8pm I was having REGULAR contractions just about every 6-7 minutes. Not close enough to go into the hospital but close enough to get excited.

Mom suggested I get some sleep and if the contractions woke me up, to time them again and head in if they were closer. I obviously wasn’t in labor, I think she just wasn’t ready to come out yet but the castor oil DID cause some contractions so we’re hopeful it dilated me a bit more than I was on Monday.

Front view

Front view before heading to the hospital!

Side view

Side view before meeting our girl! /smiles nervously

Symptoms: Lots of braxton hicks (or tightening of the tummy, not painful!), very little appetite, super moody (sorry Adam) and anxious. I’ve been an emotional wreck this week, having blown past my due date, and the obvious discomfort in my pelvis. And then the contractions that come and go and were regular on Tuesday night.

Belly Button in or out? In still, woohoo!

Wedding rings on or off? On 100%, no swelling woo!

Happy or moody most of the time: Like I said above, super moody. Little things make me overjoyed and stupid little things stress me out or cause me to cry. I slipped on a walk with the dog on Tuesday and broke my toenail. I started to tear up a bit and it turned into a full-blown weeping fest when I got home, I just sat in the middle of the floor crying because I just felt sorry for myself. I was home alone, no baby in my arms and the dog was wet and confused. I was a hot mess.


Little Riley is about to get the shock of a lifetime!

Looking forward to: TONIGHT!

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous. Adam asked me, “what specifically are you afraid of?” (such a psychologist, right?) and when I really boil it down past the obvious “labor pain” or “possible c-section” I think the main fear is the fear of the unknown. There is something so unsettling about having zero control in a situation where you know pain is involved but end result is the best possible thing you could ever ask for.

It’s surreal having this all planned out, too. You go into the last few weeks thinking it could happen any moment but when it doesn’t and we have to plan her arrival, it’s so weird! I get butterflies thinking she will be in our arms within the next 24-36 hours (Lord willing!).


I covet your prayers!! I will be admitted tonight at 7:30pm for a cervix softener to do it’s thing overnight. If I haven’t gone into labor naturally by tomorrow morning, they will hook me up to drugs (pitocin) to spur labor on. The prayer is that tonight I go into labor naturally.

Here we go!