Quick update for you all…

We went to see the doctor today for a quick check-in to see if I’ve progressed and got some good news and some just ok news. The good is that I’m 50% effaced and 1cm dilated, so we’ve at least made a little bit of progress!! The flip side, if she doesn’t come by Thursday night, I will be admitted for the induction process.

My doctor/OBGYN practice doesn’t like to let their expecting mom’s going past 41 weeks, which is why we are scheduling induction at this point.

Basically, the process requires a drug called Cervidil which should help me dilate more (this will be administered Thursday night) and then I will sleep at the hospital and Friday morning, if labor hasn’t started on its own, I will be hooked to an IV of Pitocin that should kick start contractions. At that point, they will break my water for me to really kick labor into high gear. Woo! Get it going already, right? But she is in awesome position, head down, and ready to go, we just need labor to start.

So,…that’s about it! I started my maternity leave from work today, so my days will be spent running errands, finalizing some last minute things, relaxing with the puppy, and WALKING. I got a really great, brisk walk with my mom in this morning and ran some errands and walked some more.

Thanks for your prayers, keep you posted! 🙂

Fun Fact: Thursday is a full moon. They say lots more baby’s are born around full moons due to the gravitational pull, which is why birth centers are busier on those nights. Should be interesting to see if that is true!