How far along? 37 weeks – we’re officially full-term!

37 Weeks

Baby’s size? She’s the size of a winter melon (whatever that is), and she likely measures around 18.9 to 20.9 inches and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. She’s gaining about 1/2 ounce each day.

  • She’s practicing some skills like inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking (and hiccuping!)
  • She’s getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for her first diaper.

Total Weight Gain: Oodles!

Stretch marks? Nope, but the pressure is building in my tummy!

Sleep: I think we have turned a corner! As of Monday night, I am only waking up once to use the bathroom (normally around 2-4am) and can fall asleep really quick on the opposite side until I have to wake up for work around 7/7:30am. It’s been amazing! They say once the baby drops, the sciatic nerve pain dissipates, so I’m hoping that is what has happened.

Best moment this week: Definitely reaching full-term with zero complications. What a blessing! We got to hear the heartbeat this morning, nice and strong at 150’s, I am measuring right at 37 weeks. I am halfway effaced but she said not really dilated just yet. I thought I would be bummed if I wasn’t dilated but honestly, she just needs more time to bake in the oven, which is fine by me!

Miss Anything? Nothing this week other than perhaps feeling comfortable in my body. This week has definitely led to some up and down emotions centered around just being uncomfortable in my own skin.

Movement: She doesn’t move much in the mornings. That much has remained consistent this entire pregnancy but if I have my coffee quickly in the mornings, she give me a few kicks and shoves. At night, she really wakes up and my belly turns into something from the movie “Alien” and it’s super fun to watch!

She still consistently gets hiccups 1-3x a day. Sometimes I love it, other times it truly drives me crazy because it’s like having a twitch in your eye.

Food cravings: Hot chai, pineapple, peanut butter, and sweets 🙂

Anything making you queasy or sick: I have actually had a few instances of nausea this week,…crazy, I know! It’s the first time experiencing bad nausea almost this whole pregnancy. At lunch on Monday, I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep my lunch down and had another similar problem after some peanut butter and banana. So odd! It passes after I drink some water, thankfully.

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: Oh man have we had quite a few braxton hicks this week! Monday/Wednesday/Thursday were pretty consistent and it is so exciting and my belly turns rock hard. It’s not painful, but I find when I have these contractions, I am that much more tired later in the evening. Tuesday I had a ton of energy and realized it was the one day I didn’t notice any BH. Interesting and maybe not related, but interesting nonetheless.

Symptoms: Pretty exhausted come 7pm, discomfort, and the occasional nausea but pretty good! I am really ready to be done with pregnancy, I think.

Belly Button in or out? Still in!

Wedding rings on or off? They’re on. I think I’ll avoid any swelling, thanks to my obsession with chugging water day in and day out.

Happy or moody most of the time: Definitely moody this week. Saturday I broke down on Adam, poor guy. I just felt like the ugliest little duckling around and had a “poor me” day. Sunday was total opposite and we both were on top of the world after Adam dominated his half-marathon and Betsy’s visit helped boost my mood even more!

Looking forward to: Meeting our little baby girl. I am so anxious. I know that the longer she is in there, probably the better. But that doesn’t stop me from wondering every morning now, “will today be the day?” We are ready!


It’s finally time for a nursery tour! I’ve made you all wait forever, mostly because we were still finishing things up. It’s not totally finished, but it is probably as done as it will be before she comes. The only thing we’re waiting on is the glider, which isn’t supposed to arrive before April 27th, so might as well show you what we’ve got!

Here is your tour!

Immediately to the left is the bathroom, to the right is the closet…











And to the few who have asked, yes, I will throw up a quick update on the blog when I go into labor. I am thinking it will be another couple weeks, though!