How far along? 36 weeks!!

36 Weeks

Baby’s size? She is the size of a honeydew melon (or a bowling ball!). She’s still in the 17.2- to 18.7-inch and 4.2- to 5.8-pound range and continues to beef up.

  • She’s getting closer and closer to being able to breathe on her own.
  • Her skin is getting smooth and soft and her gums are rigid.
  • Her liver and kidneys are in working order.
  • Circulation and immune systems are basically good to go, too.

Total Weight Gain: A lot. I am a whale!

Stretch marks? Nope nothing new here!

Sleep: Staying asleep is what I struggle with but if I can get 5 hours straight, I’m pretty happy. Some nights I wake up by 1:30am and just toss and turn the remaining 5 hours. Not so fun, but it is what it is.

Best moment this week: Our appointment yesterday was good. It was great to hear her heartbeat and dr. said she was “chill”, heartbeat around 135, she is head down (woo!), but I am not dilated. I think we will go the full 40 weeks of gestation, if I had to guess. But now, we are in the stage of “weekly visits” at the doctor!

I also got the decals installed with the help of my mother! The tree was a BEAR to get up, but the leaves were pretty fun to install by myself. The only issue I’m having now is they don’t want to stay up! I got some adhesive spray that I tried last night on some of the leaves that have peeled but I think the decals are too thin for a glue. Still trying to think of ideas but I might just have to get used to the “slightly 3D” look to the decals. At least they aren’t falling off onto the ground (yet).

Nursery Decals

Miss Anything? Nah, just quality sleep.

Movement: Some days more than others, caffeine and chocolate seem to affect this. As does ice water. She is definitely still up in my ribs and hasn’t quite descended into my pelvis.

Food cravings: Nope! Nothing really.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: I definitely think I’ve had some Braxton Hicks, even though you can’t be 100% sure, I can’t imagine what else they’d be. Because she is so high, they seem to be just under my ribs. It feels like a really tight ball higher up in my belly, but it’s not painful. Just makes me really excited!

Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain is killing me and is what is actually affecting my sleep. I am going to implement some yoga to see if that helps. Lots of bathroom breaks and I’ve noticed at night, when I read out loud to Adam from a seated position, I am having a hard time catching my breath.

Belly Button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? Still on!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy/Anxious – excited to meet her! Emotional 😉

Looking forward to: Adam’s big half-marathon this weekend, which also means I get to hang out with my brother and his wife and kiddos on Sunday! Also, a good friend is coming to stay overnight next Monday which should be really fun. I am also anxious for the next appointment. It’s always fun to hear if there is any progress.


Not much new to report. I am feeling a bit emotional about the weight gain, nothing new there. I also was oddly disappointed that I heard I wasn’t dilated at my appointment. I think I just need to remember to stay relaxed, go for walks with Adam, and she’ll come when she is good and ready. Other than that, just life is happening and I’m ready to be a mom. I am sooooooo ready!