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Merry Christmas from us!

Hope you all had amazing days yesterday and Monday with families and loved ones. The above picture was taken on Saturday after a nice dinner with Adam’s boss and his wife. Our weekend was jammed pack with lots of family time, cooking, baking, eating, more eating and presents. We got together with my side of the family on Monday and it was so nice to just relax with little kiddos opening gifts frantically and spending time with my mom in the kitchen. Yesterday we stayed home in the morning opening gifts and just lounging then headed to my folks again for a (very) nice Christmas dinner and games.

It feels weird to be back at work today, that is for sure. I’ll have to keep my head down and just push through because I know it’s temporary but it’s still weird! It seems like every email I send out gets pinged back because others are out of town for the holidays. Looks like it might be short days for me this week!

Hope you all are having a festive week and check back on Friday for another baby update!! (6 MONTHS!!)