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…to look a lot like Christmas!



This is a record year! I decorated all before the month of December was upon us (with the hubby’s help, of course), finished all my Christmas shopping a week before the actual day, and wrapped as I went. I’m telling you, this is the way to go! In the past, I’ve always bought and just put off the wrapping until the weekend/days before Christmas or the gathering where gifts would be given and wrapping as you buy weirdly takes a ton of stress off the shoulders.

I would have told you I don’t enjoy the task but without the stress of time and getting it done as quick as possible, I really enjoyed it this year!

And you know what all this free time means,…loads of baking!! 🙂

Though my house looks festive, outside is boring and warm and I have no idea what is going on with our weather. I WANT SNOW!! Chicago has yet to get any recordable snowfall this year. It’s December 18, you guys. I can remember getting snow before Halloween and it wasn’t really all that crazy. It’s almost Christmas and we have yet to get any snow. I do not like this, surprisingly. Though, apparently, this Thursday we’ll be getting our first storm, praise the Lord! And this made me laugh



And I can’t post without mentioning my deep sorrow for the victims of the Newtown, CT tragedy. I won’t go into my own beliefs or values or even my own sadness, but all I can offer are my tears and my prayers.