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This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to head into the city with my mom and babysit for my nephew, Walker (1 year and 8 months) and my new niece, Noelle (5 weeks) Sunday morning, Sunday evening and intermittently on Monday. Right away, my mom and I established a flow: she was on Walker duty and I was on Noelle duty. Fine by me! Walker is dealing with a little case of separation anxiety when his mom and dad leave the house and he still isn’t 100% sure about his Auntie Leslie. This meant I got to handle the newbie and it was SO.MUCH.FUN.

(Walker below watching Thomas, saying “Choo Choo!”


First of all, Noelle is a doll. Truly.


The thing I’m beginning to learn about newborns and how to prepare for my own is getting their morning and nights straightened out pretty fast. This means keeping belly full every 2-3 hours with formula or milk, a little play time to wear them down, a little nap time to let them rest up. Rinse and repeat. The not so glamorous part is when the little babe still thinks nighttime is daytime and wakes up at 3am with eyes WIDE open ready to have some tummy time. 🙂


My taste of reality came at about 2:45am when my mom got up to tend to a fussy Noelle and I got up to use the restroom. Getting back to the couch, mom was feeding her and Noelle was sucking down the bottle so hard, she was squeaking! Girl was hungry. She drained her milk so fast she gave herself a pretty harsh case of the hiccups and no one likes to suck in air unwillingly. She was not happy so, I made her another bottle while mom tried to console her. She ended up drinking a little more but the main problem was we simply fed her too early in the night (9:15pm) and not enough, so she woke up hungry and annoyed. Oops. Lesson learned. That being said, her mama ended up waking up around 3:30am to console her and settle her down. Mom and I were properly put in our place.


Regardless of the early morning wakeup call, which I better get used to, she was a gem to watch. I actually said to Adam last night after returning home, “I miss having her in my arms.” I actually feel a little empty without something to bounce, snuggle and stare at. Weird how quickly they bond with you but there is truth in it! I hope Noelle didn’t spoil me too much. She rarely cried and when she did it was either a huge burp (seriously, this girl burps like a dude and I love it) or fighting sleep.


It was a great weekend of bonding with my new niece, getting quality time with my mom and sister, and just enjoying what is soon to come!