How far along? 21 weeks

Baby’s size? Pomegranate (10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces). “She’s big enough now that you’ve probably been feeling her movements.” I am convinced that last week’s appointment to tell us gender got her moving and grooving. I barely felt her before 19 weeks and now I feel her at specific times. And wow did my belly pop this week!

Total weight gain/loss: 14 lbs about

Stretch marks? Nope, at least none that weren’t already there!

Sleep: I should preface this with a disclaimer…I sleep like the dead, almost always. A bad nights rest for me is very rare. I have had little to no issues sleeping other than getting up to use the bathroom once or twice a night which I’m in a zombie trance for anyway. So far so good!

Best moment this week: Feeling her ninja kicks, pretty much finished up the registry, and Adam started painting the nursery!

Miss Anything? Oh nothing huge, just the occasional cocktail or eggs. Man, I really miss eggs, they just are so unappealing right now.

Movement: Oodles, and at all times of the day! Early morning, mid-afternoon, and right before bed.

Food cravings: Sweet, sweet, sweet. I really wanted a gooey cinnamon roll this week, still haven’t gotten my hands on one. Trying to really be conscious of healthy eating since the first half of this pregnancy I didn’t hold myself back much.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Mostly eggs, chicken, rice (haha), and heavy pastas just look awful.

Gender: Eeeeee! Little baby girl Krueger 🙂

Labor Signs: None

Symptoms: Round ligament pain, sometimes I get really sore in my right side where she is positioned, almost a deep cramp like she’s growing or stretching or something. Not the most comfortable feeling.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Yikes,…honest answer, this week has been better. I am definitely moody but I would say 85% of this week has been happy!

Looking forward to: Tomorrow, Adam and I get to serve at the Christmas store which helps low income family’s and women who are Christmas shopping to provide them with lower cost resale items. Then, I’ve been looking forward to this ALL WEEK, I am heading to Chicago with my mom to babysit my new niece, Noelle, and her brother, Walker, on Sunday and then, staying the night, taking the day off Monday for lots of girl time!!

21 weeks

This has been a very big week for our growing Krueger family!

First, I really wanted to get this whole registry figured out and decided that AMAZON has, literally, everything on their website so the bulk of my registry is there and I used a guide of sorts from another blog to help me in my search for the best of the best that isn’t a million dollars. I gotta say, building a registry for your new life is kind of overwhelming. Especially for an organized soul like myself. We want bedsheets to match the new colors on the walls, I want it to be cute and whimsical but I don’t want to shove “princess pink” down her throat, either. I battled some tears last weekend over this but I think I came out on top with some help of family and friends. Let’s hope I didn’t miss anything!

Next up, we decided it was time to tackle the nursery. When we moved in we painted everything. The kitchen, the chimney column, the pantry closet and shelves, and our bedroom (vaulted ceilings and all). When we looked in at that Barney purple colored spare bedroom with it’s lavender bathroom, we were just too exhausted to even touch it. Almost 2 years later, Adam has graciously accepted the task. I really want to help, I do, but a) the fumes are driving me nuts from the primer (thankfully the paint isn’t as bad) and b) it’s kind of embarrassing how tired I get with such little effort! So, we’re going with a nice Lazy Gray for the bedroom and a tropical Tame Teal for the bathroom. I can’t wait to see how it all looks! I see it in my mind’s eye and am so anxious to see it all pulled together.

Then, came names. I have one. Yes, one. The lady of indecision has a name. ONE! This is big news. Adam has a few more options that are on the list, but I know which one I love. I just hope when we meet her he agrees. That’s all you’re getting, sorry. As much as I love the idea of personalized gifts with her name on it, knowing us, it’ll be something different when she comes out and I just can’t bear that thought.

LASTLY, *drumroll please*, we’ve booked our baby moon 2013! Not only will be heading to Florida at the end of January to soak up some sun but we are going with our closest friends, who are also expecting and due exactly one month after us! My parents allowed us to use their time share, which basically means for a couple hundred bucks for the entire week we get to pick our spot (limited locations, but Orlando was open) including a full kitchen, 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo. The resort we’re going to has 14 pools. FOURTEEN POOLS. Ugh, thankfully I’ll be so pregnant at that point no one will wonder if it’s just Christmas cookies in my tummy (hopefully at 28 weeks, it’ll be obvious). We are so pumped for our vacation with our friends! I can’t wait for a week away in warmth while Chicago is getting pounded with frigid temps and blowing snow.

Baby Krueger and I wish you a happy weekend!

Just look at her little alien face.