I made the move. Goodbye Blogger, hello Word Press. So far, so good! I gave up blogging this summer mostly because I just didn’t have time or the energy to update every day. I decided it just wasn’t for me but things have since changed…

1. We are having a baby girl in April!

Baby Girl Krueger

2. Well, actually, that’s the only reason. I have a purpose now to this blog and it’s to share all about our new life and the love and hope we have for her already. I know I say it all the time, but I am feeling so incredibly blessed to not only be a mom but to have a healthy kiddo. I maybe read too many awful stories about babies that are born with birth defects or are stillborn or simply don’t make it through their full term alive and it makes me truly grateful God is protecting our little munchkin in there!

So, to catch us all up and get us on the same page, I thought I would give you the basics. Every Friday I’ll post a weekly update on the pregnancy which will only last another 20 weeks or less as I’m over halfway through the pregnancy! And any other post will happen when it happens.

BK (this is what we have been calling her, short for “Baby Krueger”) Milestones:

– Doctor said you have full lips. Guess we know you’re mine.

– Femur is measuring long, do we have another runner in the family?

– It took me a very long time to “feel you” and your flutters but it seemed that after the doctor told us a week ago you were a girl and poked and prodded around my belly to see your lady bits, you can’t stop wiggling and I can’t get enough of it. Some nights I hold as still as possible and if I don’t feel you, I poke you and you poke right back.

– You are due April 19, 2013. Please don’t come too late!

– We are your parents and we already love you lots and lots.

Welcome to “Forged in Faith” where I hope to share about our ever changing lives, maybe not on a very regular basis but enough to keep you interested.